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All glory and honour to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, who has given me the strength and good health to pen down this testimony. In July 2016 I experienced stomach pain and loss of appetite. On July 22nd, I went to the hospital. On arrival at day-care, I got admitted as my temperature was over 38°C, they put me on intravenous antibiotics to cover any infections known. The doctors carried out further tests to diagnose the problem. But none of the medicine worked as my temperature rose further up and developed shivering and vomiting. Eventually, doctors carried out Endoscopy; the sample collected was sent for examination.

On 2nd August 2016 morning, my consultant revealed that awful news to me that endoscopy result says I have Large B Cell Lymphoma, mentioned the fact it had strangely skipped previous stages and has now developed into stage 4 which spreads to the other body organs. CT and MRI Scan showed that it had spread to the kidneys and brain. Even though this was shocking news to me, I had ‘Faith in the Power of God who can heal any illness by his word.’

I was transferred to The Teenage Cancer Unit in Western General Hospital to start my chemotherapy. With my mind full of uncertainty, I found help and peace from one verse in Psalms 30:9 – “What profit is there in my blood, when I go down to the pit? Shall the dust praise thee? Shall it declare thy truth?” I started praying in my bed repeating those words over and over. I asked God for forgiveness of any sins committed and surrendered myself for God’s plan. I knew I worship the same God who had increased life of King Hezekiah, Will certainly do the same for me. Also, the night before starting my chemotherapy, I recorded an audio clip requesting prayers from my cousins. This was passed down to others and God enabled it to reach to countless people across the globe. The faithful prayers of believers from the church and numerous people around the world were indeed an added blessing.

August 9th, 2016, the chemotherapy started which involved four cycles of treatment and drugs such as; Methotrexate, Vincristine, etc. gave me side-effects of; oral mucositis, ulcers, vomiting, loss of appetite and as time went on my hair started to fall off and the reality of being a Cancer patient started to kick in, but in midst of all that, I thoroughly believed Blood of Jesus Christ will heal me from my sick-bed. My vocal cod was damaged due to Bronchoscopy which caused loss of voice over five days. While Dad and I prayed during the night, hand of Jesus touched me and I started to speak, I said “Hallelujah”. The next door patient complained to nurses over voice from prayer, but the very next day God turned that complaint into an opportunity to share the gospel to that young gentleman, gave a New Testament Bible and prayed for him.

From August to October, three out four cycles were completed with over 12 Intrathecal. Due to infections, one night my temperature rose rapidly and it reached over 41 °C, I was in a very critical stage, and I lost all hope of coming back to life, felt my strength becoming very weak and as Dad prayed over my bedside a Bible verse from Psalm 118: 17 I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.” – helped to grow my faith in ‘Power of God’, and to give strength to face new trials every day. During this time they had done few follow up CT scans which showed healing was taking place.

By mid-November 2016, I had first part of my fourth cycle completed and second part of that same cycle was scheduled for January of 2017 which was not done as final CT scan and Endoscopy revealed that Cancer was healed by the grace of God. It’s true as Isaiah 53:5 reminds us that: “by his wounds we are healed”.

Dear friends, we all are living a busy life and often forget to thank God for his care and protection. And it’s only when medical science say you have 24, 48, 72 hours or when results says you are on stage four, that’s when we really think about life that God has gifted us and ask ourselves what we have done for God? (It was the case for me; there were only few things I have done for God). I encourage everyone to take a moment, look back and thank the Lord for every single blessing He has bestowed upon your lives. Also make sure you do everything possible for the expansion of His Kingdom. I thank everyone who had prayed for my fast healing, please do keep me in your prayers so that I turned out to be a useful vessel in our potter’s hand.

 For his glory,In Christ,

Nibin John



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