Areopagus 2022 Conference: April 14 – 16



SAFT Apologetics and Women In Apologetics are jointly organising Areopagus 2022 from April 14-16. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Do You Know My God?’. The often understood impression of God is of an angry old man who nit picks everything humans do and is not in the least concerned with humanity’s most real problems. At Areopagus 2022 this notion is challenged and nullified as some of Christianity’s best thinkers – Frank Turek, Hugh Ross, Justin Brierley, Tyson James, Lydia McGrew, Paul Gould, Clay Jones, Linda Seiler, Neil Shenvi – will take stage to explore how the God of the Bible is unique not only in abstracts (truth, morality, unchanging nature) but also in our most real engagements (universe, history, evil and justice, sexuality).

What makes this conference stand apart are a multitude of reasons and these include the collaboration between SAFT Apologetics (a web-based Christian initiative run predominantly by young Indian college students) and Women In Apologetics (a women centric ministry based out of USA), the presence of India’s leading Christian musicians – Stephen Devassy, Alobo Naga, Sujith M Sunil – alongside the aforementioned speakers, the completely free and virtual mode of attendance, the ability to ask the panel of leading Christian speakers audience’s questions and the fact that Areopagus 2022 could very well be India’s biggest international apologetics conference.

You can register for Areopagus 2022 at and find SAFT Apologetics and Women In Apologetics on all social media platforms to stay updated about conference news.



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