Poem : Transgender | Charley Joseph Zachariah

My name is Transgender
I lived in the first century A.D.
My nickname is “court official”
I travelled in the government’s vehicle
I met an evangelist on my way to home
He shared the gospel with me
I believed in Jesus
I wanted to be baptized
Philip the evangelist baptized me
Yes, I am the Eunuch on the way to Ethiopia
Now, Christ is in me as in Philip
He accepted me even though I am a transgender
Then, I accepted “the Christ in Him”
(Acts 8:26-39).

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My name is Transgender
I live in this twenty-first century A.D.
Now, my nickname is “9”
If I travel in public vehicles, I see spaces reserved for men and women
But none for me
I meet abusers of my identity on my way to home
None speaks anything peaceful to me
I know Jesus
I read The Holy Bible
I wonder who will baptize me.
Even if someone baptizes me, where will I get a space to sit in the church?
Left side?
Oh… No… That’s for ladies.
Right side?
Oh… No… That’s for gentlemen.
How dare you? That’s for ministers.
If you can’t accept me, then how can I accept “the Christ in You”?

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I am the Eunuch of Twenty-First Century
I represent many who have a nickname and lack the quality of being baptized by them
I symbolize those who have no acceptance to either sides of the church
I do believe in Christ who spend time with the outcast one’s like me
You can reject me, but He will never!

​​​​​​​​Charley Joseph Zachariah


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