Poem: Hope | Sajive Abraham Kottayam

How to fly without wings?
How to plough with withered hands?
How to walk without a candle light,
Out there in the valley deep?
How to smile with a wounded heart,
Out there on the hills top?

Day lost the melody sweet
Night set the tragedy twist
Brook dried in the garden east
Sun set in the sea west

Someone called in the street
Let us wait for a little light
Someone prayed on the knees
Let us wait for a mantle of hope
Kindled by the truthful mind and
Weaved by the merciful hands
One who is “full of mercy and truth”
If then,
How not to fly without wings?
How not to plough with withered hands?

“Bereshit bara elohim…”, and
All out of nothing
Exiles backed in the land,…and
All out of death
The light had come
The tomb was open
Angels sung a song of life
Fly even without wings
Plough even with withered hands
Same is the LORD God,
The Eternal God.

Birth of a day is
Indebted to the death of a day
Birth of light is
Anticipated in the darkness of night
A ray of light is
Sweet as water in a desert
A ray of light is
Bright as an eye of a day
“Light shines in the darkness”-
The story of the victory of the light and
The story of wisdom by the light
The LORD God is the same
The Eternal God.

Sajive Abraham Kottayam



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