POEM: Endless Gratitude | Betty Gigi, UAE

Poet William Ross Wallace wrote,
“For the hand that rocks the cradle,
Is the hand that rocks the world.”
But greater sway has the Sunday School teacher,
Who steers a young soul to the Rock Eternal.

A verse, a song, a parable, a law;
Can spark a flame, mend a flaw,
And light the way to the Shepherd of the soul.
When the task seems heavy, and way too weary,
Let not the heart grow faint and teary.
For the promise remains for those who lead,
many to righteousness will shine brighter than the stars of heaven.

With a grateful heart on Appreciation Day,
For every Sunday School teacher, I pray;
That you are blessed beyond measure day by day,
As you race to share the good news of His grace,
And nurture every child entrusted to your care.



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