Poem: An Ode of Answers | Bernice Mathew

What is it,
that makes his face glow, so bright?
What is it,
that leads him through the dark,
without any light?
I know, I know.
What is it,
that makes him stand up strong,
though his feet show no strength?
What is it,
that makes his spirit so young,
though being so terribly old?
I know, I know
Spare me some time,
to answer the questions
I know of,
the answer is the passion and zeal he holds for Christ.
When tides rise,
men fall.
When tribulations arise,
men yearn in despair
But he who stands for Christ,
his glow never fades.
No darkness is dark to see the light that lies ahead.

~Bernice Mathew

(Bernice Serah Mathew wrote this
poem that reflects on the unwavering passion and
commitment that my grandfather, or “appachan” as we
grandchildren call him, holds for Christ. His
perseverance through hardships and struggles has left a
lasting impression on me, and I believe my words
capture the essence of his faith in a powerful way. The
poem titled “An Ode of Answers” poses questions about
what gives appachan strength and keeps his spirit
young, even in old age and in the face of adversity.
According to me, the answer is the passion and zeal he
holds for Christ, which guides him through the darkness
and empowers him to stand strong).



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