TESTIMONY: Evg. Joju John

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

I am Evg. Joju John from Jammu & Kashmir. I was born and brought up in a Christian family as well as in a spiritual atmosphere. In my childhood I had an ambition to work in north India as a missionary. After my elementary education I went to a Bible college and after completing the course I went to Punjab for one year training. After the training I planned to work in my native place. But by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I along with my family reached Jammu on 12th March 2012 from Kerala. In the initial days we had to face alot of problems to survive. But during the tests and trials God enabled us to overcome all of them. God has brought us so far by His powerful hands.

Indeed it’s been a great privilege to serve God in North India especially in Jammu & Kashmir, where the majority of the population is Muslims. The general statistics of the total 22 districts of Jammu: 67% of the population is Muslim, 30% is Hindu, 2% is Sikh and the rest consists Buddhist and Christian. The total population of the state is one and half crore and the official languages are Urdu and Kashmiri. The major people group is Dogra and they speak Dogri.

As an Evangelist it’s my vision and great desire to have spirit filled believers who are active in faith and who promote the gospel work. Presently I have been concentrating in a border town named Jakh in Samba district, surrounded by many villages where in we have already started children’s ministry and small prayer groups.

I am blessed with wife and two daughters. My daughters are studying in 4th and LKG. Now we are staying in a rented house. We are doing special out reaches, open air programs, Church ministry, youth ministry, film ministry, the distribution of pamphlets, children’s ministry, sticker ministry etc. God also helping us to visit the hill areas of Jammu Kashmir and preach the gospel among the Muslim. There are some anti-social and anti-christian elements which oppose our ministry. Inorder to find some easier ways for the ministry we have a plan to undertake some social works also. For that we need our own place and building because the people have many problems to come to the rented houses. If we get our own land it will be very helpful to getting a way opened in this border village for expanding the work. We expect your valuable prayers.

Here the climate is too hot for five months and severe cold in five months also. We need your valuable prayers and support. We will be highly grateful to you for any amount of help extended to us. Thankyou

Mob.no +91 9419134546 ; +91 9596965080. | email : pastorjojujohn@gmail.com www.faithcharitabletrust.in



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