Pastor John Varghese (Muttum Gevarghese 99) Called Home to Glory

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Muttam: Pastor John Varghese (99), a cherished servant of the Lord, affectionately known as Muttam Geevarghese, has peacefully departed this earthly life. Renowned for his prolific contributions to Christian music, he penned and arranged numerous songs that deeply resonated with the hearts of the faithful. In recent days, he had been enjoying a period of rest, succumbing to the natural weariness of old age.

He leaves behind a legacy of over a hundred soul-stirring compositions, including “bhagyanaattil pokum njaan,” “aashcharyameyithu aaraal varnichitaam,” “alpakaalam maathram ee bhuvile vaasam,” “lokam ninnilulla velli ponniva eduthidum,” “sthothrageetham paduka nee maname,” “prathyaashayodithaa bhaktharangunarune,” “ennullame sthuthikka nee yahovaye nirantharam,” “unarvarulkayinneram,” “nalla porattam poraadi ottam oodidaam,” “saundaryathil purnnathayaakunna seeyonil,” “veendedukkappetta koottame,” and many more.

The funeral service will be held on Monday, the 12th of February, at 9 am in Chennithala, Kerala his hometown.

KE Igniter and Kraisthava Ezhuthupura convey their deepest condolences and prayers to the family and loved ones of Pastor John Varghese during this time of mourning. May the comfort and strength of the Lord be with them.



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