Poem: A Well Sat upon a well! | Sherin Anila Sam

A Well Sat upon a well!

My savior was thirsty
In need of a drink
He went up to a well and sat
Waited for someone to come
To fetch him water
Waited so long
Could anyone draw him water!

Then came a woman
Deprived and destitute
She was unfortunate
Hiding from the eyes of the fortunate
A woman of pain and rejection
Left alone with nothing and no one
To say hers

She met my savior
Not knowing her life was about to change
He asked – Give me a drink
I am thirsty
She was perplexed
Aren’t you a Jew
Why ask me for a drink?

My savior smiled and said
Do you want living water
I have got it for you
I have a well
A well flourished with life

She exclaimed!
Oh! Just give me this well
I am tired of drawing this water
I hide myself from others
I am an unacceptable unloved woman

My Compassionate savior responded
Drink from me,
I am the well
I have the living water
You will never be thirsty again
Never be empty

Her eyes were opened and heart moved
She rejoiced with gladness
She felt so comforted
Out of her joy
Went and shared
The good news
Of the living water!

– Sherin Anila Sam –



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