Youth Corner: Dimensions of Faith – Shifting our focus from our faith to HIS faith | Dr. Serah Kalpakavadi

We, Christians hold on to Hebrews 11:1 for the definition of faith. The Greek word for faith is pistis and its root word is peitho (believe). While the root word (peitho) itself indicates believing in the existence of God, the word faith (pistis) is much beyond our definitions.
We already know that Jesus himself is the word, and faith comes from hearing HIS word (Rom 10:17). While we are strongly rooted in believing that our Lord Jesus Christ is real, its stem and branches take us to a deeper conviction that he has completed everything on the cross when he said that “it is finished”. Here, we may define that our faith is a positive response and appreciation for what he has already done on the cross. This is the starting point of faith in our Christian life.

Interestingly, faith is one of the fruits (KJV Gal 5:22) as well as one of the gifts of Holy Spirit (KJV 1 Cor 12:9). From this, it may be noted that even our faith is not something we can boast upon on our merit. We have received HIS faith, Godly pattern of faith, where we are enabled to believe in things unseen. Therefore, our faith is an unmerited favour which God has freely given us to believe in HIS faithfulness. In other words, we keep our faith in the faithfulness of God.

While we believe in him, we are credited with HIS righteousness which leads us to the ultimate pathway to our promises. When Abraham was credited with righteousness through faith (Rom 4:3) and Sarah believed in HIS faithfulness (Heb 11:11), the promised son Issac was given, and all other promises were fulfilled.

In conclusion, let us feed on HIS word for more of HIS faith, believe in HIS faithfulness, stand under HIS righteousness, and see HIS promises fulfilling in our lives. Through our Godly fruited and gifted faith, let us uphold our prayers to see the unseen.



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