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Samuel became old, much like his predecessor Eli. Similar to Eli, Samuel’s sons were introduced into an active role by their father. It’s hard to ignore the fact that, though actively involved in both the temple and politics, both these 2nd generations weren’t able to lead a blameless life — highlighted in the Bible as children deviating from their parents’ paths.
It’s a painful reality, emphasising that the relationship with God isn’t inherited; it’s individual and intensely personal. Despite their ministry involvement, both these men failed to leave a lasting legacy like Job for it is said of him(Job) that he fervently prayed and offered sacrifices for his children lest they sin in any way.

While instilling a spiritual environment for children doesn’t guarantee they’ll become people of faith, dedicated prayers can make a difference. Parents should prioritize personal prayers for their children’s lives over their appearances in church or in meeting other believers’ expectations.
Remember, praying for a child’s growth in the right way can leave a lasting impact throughout their life.
Pray for a child in the way he should grow, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.



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