Fingers scrolling gadgets,
Like a book flipped up quietly.

Eyes waiting for the next flick,
For that next shot of surprise.

Lost in virtual reality,
Disconnected from the real one.
Always craving connectivity,
But hardly connecting with anyone.

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Relationships so superficial,
Yet friends and followers a ton.
Do they even know you, child?
Will they stick with you, when all’s said and done?

We blame the next generation
“You’re addicted to your device”
Have we stopped for a while to note?
We too have followed their line?

How can we guide our children,
If we ourselves go astray?
Follow the piper’s magic wand,
Of gadgets that say – We’re here to stay.

There’s a call upon our lives,
A purpose given by God.
To turn the next generation,
Position them to encounter God.

So let’s look up from our device,
There’s a generation waiting to arise.
If we value Christ’s sacrifice,
We’d drop to our knees and plead for their lives.

We’re in a battle for their souls,
That’s what the adversary longs for.
Let’s hold the fort, take up our sword.
Our lives for theirs, VICTORY IS SURE!



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