Poem: Be a bridge | Saumya Jijo

Be a bridge of hope.,
Let everyone walk through you.,
let it link two sides and shores of life.,
Be a loyal bridge,
that is built by thousands of hands.

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A strong, unbroken, iron_bridge.
As people walk ,ride and drive over you….
Beneath, waters flow.. still running… sometimes….
uncountable moments of life.,
Yet not sinks….

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Because you are there as the wall of protection!
So be there!.
As the bridge of hope.,
that lives may be saved from deep waters…
Darkness, dreadful stomachs.

If you are there,stand shining,
firm in tempest and thunders!
Waves may lose its strength and
it fails head low
hitting on you again and again…
Be a bridge of hope,leads to heaven,
as Jesus be the way, the truth and the life.

Children watch the waves.
We walk our many walks of life,
unnumbered vehicles pass through,.
Two ends,two places are connected,
As a bridge of hope to many perishing people…
in the mid sea.

JESUS I want to be a bridge for many…..
and many…. Please make us Lord!!.

Saumya Jijo


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