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You will Live and be fruitful. Instead of focusing on the source and reasons of Corona and the updates of death we can focus on ways to overcome by faith and not surrender to fear. And share the same to many so that ഓൾ Can Live.

Our Gods purpose over us is greater than any issues of this world. We sacrifice our body for Gods glory. We die to ourselves from all our desires of the body so that We can be fruitful and multiply by yielding to the Spirit. No harm can come to us unless we allow as we have the power and authority if we obey the Lord.

Physical distancing will create spiritual closeness and intimacy with പീപ്പിൾ Cleaning our hands reflects our deeds to be clean. Spread of disease shows the unseen realm and how quick it can enter and kill and destroy if we allow.

Isaiah 4 is the verse I received the summary of this small chapter was about judgement causes desperation for a Saviour.
Seven will turn to one , every 7 different churches were seeing Christ as their own will unite to share Christ as their groom as that will be their only option to live. Unity is what Jesus was praying to the Father.

The remnant who trust on the promises of messiah will be the Branch of the Lord beautiful and glorious, fruitfulness and ലൈഫ് Jeremiah 23:5 stem of Jesse – ജെസുസ് Jeremiah 33:15 branch of righteousness king shall reign and prosper execute ജഡ്ജ്മെന്റ് Zechariah 3:8 I am bringing forth my servant the ബ്രാഞ്ച് During this time of less hope… You will prosper be fruitful in all you do and live an everlasting life full of Love peace and Joy. Jesus is the vine and we are the branches john 15:5 you will live and be fruitful because we abide in HIM.

Shibu Abraham, Dubai



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