Poem: God’s Unfailing Love | Pr. Phibin John Bangalore

I gaze upon Your promises,
Promise that never fails;
Unfailing love that leads me on,
That leads me through the sails.

Life’s hope is built in You alone,
In You my strength is found;
You made my feet so firm to stand,
You are my solid ground.

When I sink and drown in deep,
And all my hope and help is gone;
Life’s hope is built in You alone,
Your unseen hand that leads me on.

On and on and on I go,
The hardest times seem like a foe;
I hold to that unfailing promise,
Promise that leads me on.

I will move on through the sails,
For my Saviour leads me on;
He keeps His promise this I know,
And on and on and on I go…

Pr. Phibin John Bangalore



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