Poem: “FAITH” OR “FATE” ? | Rachel Shristi Jacob

Everywhere I make a turn
All I see are hearts with fears,
And eyes filled with tears
People unable to be mentally stern.

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News and media brought it as an endemic,
But who knew today it would grow like the worst pandemic.

The single yet multiplying corona virus
Left many on earth lifeless.
Rich or poor, Hindu or Christian all was regardless
Thousands and thousands, it killed being merciless.

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It attacked one or two nations,
But got a multi-fold to sail along the situations.
The brink of disaster hovers over our world,
The virus has spun around and left everything swirled.

It’s now we realize the importance of life,
For no one knows the next second who would survive.

This has brought us all to a lockdown,
In our own, or maybe another’s town.
And struggling to see a silver lining to our frowns
Who knows when we will get the Victor’s crown?
At a sneeze men run away, being afraid,
And next we see their houses covered with barricade.

Day and night have become equal for a doctor,
Who is trying her best
To minimize those who are positive for the test,
And the virus brutally even knocked her.

And then there goes a nurse,
Who never imagined it to be so worse!
Injections, medications all day long,
Yet service to mankind with her head held strong.

The social care workers and the police,
Have not left a spec to spread peace
All the say “move out in specific timings”
Or you’ll find yourselves crossing your own safety linings.

Many have had their lives sacrificed,
Leaders creating new measures to strategize.
Together we need to fight
To come out of this horrible plight
And see a happiness filled sight.

Friends it’s never too late
Is it your “faith” or “fate”?

Come let us all kneel down in prayer
To shun away this evil which is our present nightmare?

We have a living God to trust
That you should know for must.
So be courageous and build your strong hope
Then sure healing is in our scope.

Rachel Shristi Jacob


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