Poem:BREEZE OF PEACE | Dr Achsah Koshy,Karthikapally

Sharpened Stone of accusation besieged her heart

The Roar of  waves of allegations desolated her Soul

Her  Knees  bent  down before  the   Saviour’s feet

Tears of  agony and  scorn poured  at   his  feet

Cool  Breeze of  consolation patted her   gently

Tears of Joy fell from her bloodshot eyes

True affection calmed her weary and broken soul

Dawn broke over  her  life with new hopes

Mount Olivet sprang forth with Joy and delight

Her Accusers put their stones down with embarrassment

At the Savior’s feet she found a fountain of peace

Assured and Everlasting peace wrapped with love

Flowing from the father’s eyes down her heart

This Spring of refreshment cheers her up

The Joy of salvation rolled her stone of scorn away



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