Poem:UPON THE CALVARY | Achsah Koshy

Upon Calvary, upon Calvary

Don’t you see a man who was betrayed by a close one

With crown of thorns on His head

Everyone mocked, scorned, tortured Him

Innocent one suffered an indescribable end

Divided up His clothes by casting lots

When He was accused by everyone

He made no reply even to a single charge

Here I see what true gentleness is

Crucified between two criminals

Insults hurled at Him by His own creation

Yet He did not reciprocate

Instead His heart cried out saying

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do”

Why did He bear such a great pain for us?

Jesus’ great love for us is manifested

Through His gentleness on Calvary

When you are about to lose your temper

Just look at the cross

He was maltreated and afflicted

Yet He was completely silent

He was led like a lamb to the slaughter

And as a sheep before His shearers is silent

He did not open his mouth.

Gentleness makes you to be less self-centered

Partakers of Christ’s suffering at the cross

Be gentle to one another whether it’s to the rich or poor

Gentleness brings great satisfaction

A trait that makes us unique

A Fruit of the Spirit which calms our soul

Comforts our neighbors too

Necessary for Christ’s followers

Essential for one to inherit eternity



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