God’s goodness

God’s faithfulness is His goodness,

Great is His goodness.

Incomparably great is His goodness.

You can lean on Him when you need a helping hand,

Our gracious God is there for you always.


He is our merciful Father,

Eternal love is His goodness.

He has loved us with an eternal love.

His love remains with us forever.

All other love ceases once you are dead,

But God’s love remains with us forever.

It’s a bond of love no one can break.

Calvary is His goodness,

On Calvary, He gave His only begotten Son,

For the forgiveness of our sins.

God made Him, who had not sinned,

The Lamb of God become sin for us.


Through Him we are purified,

Through Him we receive all the rights due to a son,

Through Him God sent the Spirit of His Son into our hearts,

Through Him we have received the privilege to call out Abba Father,

Through Him we receive mercy and grace always,

From the throne of God’s grace.

How great is His goodness!

Incomparably great depth of goodness.


Jehovah Nissy, our banner,

Lifter of our head and our Shield,

Who bestows glory upon us.

Jehovah Rapha, our Healer,

By His stripes we are healed.

By His word we are strengthened.

Jehovah Jireh, our provider,

Safe place to cast our anxieties.

This God is too good,

For great is His love towards us,

His faithfulness  endures forever.

In moments of hopelessness,

When the soul is dry and barren like desert,

Just lift up your head and look ahead.

Don’t you see a well of blessings,

Hope refreshes you making you healthier, stronger and smarter,

Than you thought you were before.


What shall we do in return for God’s goodness?

Bow down on our knees,

And lift up our hands,

To testify ” O Lord, you are so good”!

Let us lift His name higher, above all names,

Because He is so good.



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