English Article : BEWARE TO GUARD YOUR MOUTH !!!

Sandra Ann Mathew

Watch your thoughts, they become your words ; Watch your words, they become your actions. Watch your actions, they become your habits; Watch your habits , they become your character & Watch your character since it determines your destiny.

We all are human beings gifted with the ability to communicate with each other but Do we always please God through our words? Well, the answer for this question would be difficult because none of us can claim to be perfect in the sight of God. It’s common to make mistake and it is perfectly fine unless you don’t repeat the same again.God, our creator has inbuilt within us so many special features to glorify Him.One among that is our mouth(especially tongue).The words that comes out from our mouth can heal or hurt others. Yes, Words do hurt. In fact it’s said that broken bones will heal over a period of time but a person who is hurt through words can’t be healed completely. Our words and actions gets affected to the whole world around us.People judge you by your looks and the way of your communication which can leave a lasting result on your personality.Words can bring forth life, hope and love at the same time it can cause death, division and destruction. Proverbs18:21 quotes that death and life are in the power of tongue.That’s the reason why James,in his epistle encourages us to be quick in hearing,slow to speak and slow to anger.Always engage your mind before speaking since the tongue is in wet place,it might get slip off as well.Lets take a look at how words play an important role in our life:
  • WORDS CAN BUILD US OR TEAR US APART: They do have the power to build up someone who is completely broken yet powerful in tearing down a strong person by hurting their feelings and insulting their personality among others.Soothing and touching words bring comfort to the weary but a crushed word leaves a wound at the soul.Like a camphor can destroy an entire forest overnight, a careless word can destroy a life overnight.Tongue is a burning fire.That’s why David in his psalms make a prayer to God to guard his mouth.We are,therefore called to be the chosen ones,so that we can spread the joy and happiness around us through our words and actions.Make sure that your mouth glorifies God in everything you say.
  • WORDS CAN DIRECT OR INDIRECT US AND OTHERS: It’s known that we shape our words and then our words shape us.This little tongue can control us towards the right direction and a little bit of phrase can influence the total direction of life.The choice is given to us, we need to make sure that our words encourage and direct others to God.
  • WORDS DISPLAY OUR CHARACTER: It shows who we are and what we are.Our character is therefore determined by our words.Use your mouth to delight others and shine for God and lit the light for the people who is caught up in darkness of the world.Let us comfort one another in the love of God.
No man can tame his tongue unless God works on it.Let us pray to God for the power to guard our mouth.In the coming days, let our words heal the wounds of others,encourage the needy, let God’s name be glorified through our words and let the whole world know that our Christ is the only living God through our words and actions.Engage yourself with godly things than the earthly ones.

Words are free, It’s how you use them, that may cost you.



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