KE Igniter Unveils Strengthened Editorial Board for 2024-2025, Poised to Ignite Global Christian Community

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*KE Igniter Unveils Strengthened Editorial Board for 2024-2025, Poised to Ignite Global Christian Community*

[Ontario, May 5, 2024] – KE Igniter, the guiding light of Christian news and inspiration published by Kraisthava Ezhutupura, is thrilled to introduce its newly appointed Editorial Board for the term 2024-2025. With a bolstered team and well into its fourth year of operation, KE Igniter is poised to launch a worldwide initiative aimed at igniting the English-speaking Christian community on an international level.

Guided by the visionary leadership of Ribi Kenneth, Chief Editor, the newly formed Editorial Board functions as a unified entity, bringing together a wealth of experience and dedication. Collaborating closely with Ribi Kenneth, the Directors of the board undertake crucial roles in management: Darvin M Wilson assumes the role of Managing Editor for Publishing, Abin Alex oversees the responsibilities of Managing Editor for News, and Binu Vadakencherry leads Circulation as the Managing Editor. Together, they form a dynamic leadership core steadfastly devoted to KE Igniter’s mission.

Alongside these leaders, a passionate team of Editorial Board Members will guide KE Igniter towards its mission of inspiring new writers and amplifying the Igniter’s voice of faith. Jacob Varghese takes on the lead role of Editor-In-Charge, supported by Jiji Kuruvilla and Mini Tharian as Commissioning Editors, and Julie Abraham Thomas as Production Editor. Additionally, Roshan George, Benoy J. Thomas, Jeffry Kochikuzhyil, Sarah Thomas, and Benjamin Thomas Mathai will serve as Section Editors. San Mathew steps in as the News Editor, while Stephy Jaise and Nimmy Philip Mathew join as new Sub Editors.

Following the core team, a group of 17 Chapter Representatives, drawn from the global chapters and units of Kraisthava Ezhutipura, will facilitate the dissemination and curation of content to KE’s global chapters and beyond.

With this new board in place, KE Igniter reaffirms its commitment to fostering insightful journalism, promoting Christian values, and infusing a sense of community among believers worldwide. As it enters its fourth year, KE Igniter is primed to expand its reach and impact, touching the hearts and minds of individuals seeking spiritual guidance and inspiration.

Ribi Kenneth, Chief Editor of KE Igniter, conveyed his enthusiasm for the board’s potential, expressing, “We are excited to welcome our new Editorial Board members, who bring a diverse array of talents and perspectives to KE Igniter. Together, we stand ready not just to ignite a flame of faith illuminating the global English Christian community, but also to offer writers a platform to share their voices and provide readers with high-quality faith content.”

Through its dedicated team of writers and editors, KE Igniter continues to ignite hearts and minds with the transformative power of faith.



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