Article: The Enigma of Divine Wisdom: Decoding the Profound Love Behind the Cross | San Mathew

In contemplating the essence of true wisdom, one might question the rationale behind turning the other cheek or offering a coat to someone who requests a cloak. It may seem illogical to willingly walk an extra mile when only one is demanded. However, Jesus, in both his teachings and actions, exemplified these seemingly paradoxical acts of wisdom.

The crucifixion, a perplexing act to human understanding, stands as a pinnacle of divine wisdom. Sacrificing his own son on the cross to redeem millions challenges conventional notions of wisdom, yet within the realm of infinite divine love, this act becomes a profound expression of wisdom.

The crimson stain of sin on the bride is transformed into a snowy purity through repentance and following the path illuminated by Jesus. This act, while appearing contrary to human wisdom, aligns with the divine wisdom that transcends human comprehension.

Jesus’ wisdom does not view the church as a wayward and adulterous bride of the past but rather as divine partakers of his kingdom—a royal bride. In this divine perspective, the church is remembered not for its past transgressions but as a cherished participant in the divine plan.

Echoing the sentiments of Colossians 2:3, the pursuit of wisdom is intricately tied to the understanding of Christ. Hidden within him are the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, emphasizing the divine mystery that transcends human reasoning. The ultimate goal is to encourage hearts, foster unity in love, and attain complete understanding, delving into the profound mysteries of God found in Christ.



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