A Sacred Dance of The Holy Trine | Benoy J. Thomas

In the sanctum of familial embrace,
Where bonds are forged in love’s own grace,
There lies a truth, deep and divine,
In the sacred dance of the Holy Trine.

As the Father stands in strength and might,
Guiding with wisdom, a beacon of light,
So does a parent, firm and true,
Nurturing kin with a steadfast view.

The Son, a symbol of boundless care,
His sacrifice a testament rare,
Like siblings bound in laughter and strife,
Sharing in the journey of life.

And in the Spirit, a presence unseen,
Uniting hearts, a tranquil stream,
Like the threads that weave through kin,
Connecting souls in a harmonious spin.

Through trials faced and victories won,
In the warmth of love beneath the sun,
Family mirrors the Trinity’s embrace,
A sacred bond no time can efface.

So let us cherish, with hearts aglow,
This Holy Trinity here below,
For in the embrace of kin we find,
A glimpse of heaven, pure and kind.



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