Article: Whom should we really impress? | Sanil Abraham,Vengoor

We have almost reached the end of the year 2023.Many of us may recall the gifts which God has been given since the beginning of the year 2023. I too recall the same and I am really proud to say that my God has blessed me with many gifts since the beginning of this year. So let us all thankfully celebrate these moments with our God almighty.
Nowadays we do like to choose social media platforms like FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter etc to celebrate these kinds of moments. We do share photos and videos of the events of our celebration over social media and keep on observing that how many of them have viewed , liked and commented to our post. If we are good at looking , no doubt , the number of photos shared will be more with different styles and poses. What are we really looking forward to doing? Our intention is very clear. It is for bringing the attention of others to us and prove ourselves that we are something better and greater than them. We always like to impress people around us and get recognised. Some of us might benefit from getting something, not everything.Then whom should we really impress? The Bible says that we have to impress our Lord Almighty to get blessed. If we forget to impress people ,we do lose nothing . But if we forget to impress God , we lose many things. Then how can we impress our Lord?

1. By being righteous men
When we turn our Bible to the book of Genesis chapter 6 verses 9 , it is clearly mentioned that Noah was a Righteous man. As he was righteous to our Lord, he appointed to make an ark of cypress wood to save the people who were following our Lord and the creators. Why he was selected by God for doing this? Or why he and his family got blessed? Answer is simple: he was a righteous man, thereby impressing the Lord. So if we impress our Lord by being righteous to him, we will definitely get blessed.

2. By being God-Fearing men
The next way to impress our God is to be God-Fearing men. The first name that comes to our mind when we think about the word ‘God-Fearing man’ is Job. The book of Job chapter 1 says Job was blameless and upright and above all he was God-fearing man.Though he had gone through many difficult circumstances in his life as part of examination, at the end of book we find that he was blessed by the God doubly than what he had earlier with him. So if we impress our God by being a God-fearing man in our difficulties,trust, there is an end for this chapter with a lot of blessings.
Though we are Righteous men and God-fearing men like what we have discussed , we always lose one thing in our lives , that is faith.

3. By being in Faith
Next thing we need to have to impress our God is being in faith. The book of Genesis chapter 15 verses 6 says that Abram believed the Lord. Lord showed him the heavens and asked him to count the stars and told him that he would be blessed with the same number of offsprings.He trusted Lord’s word without losing his faith and hope. And we in the later chapter find that he was blessed with the same number of offspring.
Though we connected each topic with three men of God separately, all three were having all above said qualities. I mean ,They were Righteous, God-fearing and faithful men. As they impressed God with those qualities, not only their names were written in the book of heaven , in the history but also their descendants got blessed by God. So this would be the blessings when we follow and impress our God Almighty instead of impressing people around us through social media. So let us invite the new year 2024 with a new resolution in our Jesus.



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