POEM: Unite, Plead, and Cry for Manipur! | Jayce Alex, India

Let the churches unite,
Under the banner of Christ.
To cry out for Manipur;
The time is ripe.

When one part bleeds,
Can the others remain silent?
When one part groans,
Can the others rejoice?

This is a call to action.
It’s a call to unite.
Churches of India,
Let’s leave our differences behind.

With folded hands, our sister pleads,
For our prayers, for our voice.
Her voice has been stifled,
Can we lend her ours at this time?

Human rights have been violated.
Justice has been denied.
They didn’t spare even our children!
Snuffed them out before they could shine.

We plead not to human courts,
For they have turned a blind eye.
Let us plead this case in the courts of Heaven.
Only from there will Manipur get respite.

Hear the cry of the Holy Spirit.
O brothers and sisters in Christ.
Manipur is burning!
We may not be far behind.



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