Creative Writing: Dear Jesus, Why? | Angeline Bijoy

Dear Jesus Christ,
I am writing to you about the world I live in today. It is not what you wanted it to be but the opposite. There are wars for no reason at all. The perfect world you created is now impure and immature. It is a disaster! The whole world is upside down. Worst of all, covid affected many innocent people that they died. Sure, there are some nice things in life but it is mostly bad things.

I am grateful for all the things you have done for me and the nice things you have done for the world. You have given us technology and to find things we did not even know. Also, you have given us medication for many illnesses there is, but only one disadvantage is that we do not live as long as the longest-lived man Methuselah – the son of Enoch.

On the other hand, it is a miserable, imperfect world, and unholy. It is not the peaceful and happy world it once was. This is not a small disaster, it is a humongous one, and it is not ending anytime soon. The times of peace ended with the start of these times. I know it will take a long time for this to end, but I do not want it to continue anymore. We may be more civilised than the people who lived in the B.C. era, but those were better times. Sure there was war, but everyone was more faithful. Now, I still wonder if the unrest will ever stop.

If I want this to stop any time soon, you are my only choice, and I would not have known what to do without you. I only realise how important you are to everyone in this imperfect world. So, I want you to fix it for me and everybody else in this world.

Angeline Bijoy



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