POEM: Teach me Lord | Smitha Aniyan, Australia

each me Lord that victory is won

Not when I stand on podium high,
But when I step down
That my brother may reach
Heights unknown.
Help me Father to lie down low
That my brother may step over
Lest he fall
O’er trenches deep that I may seal.
Teach me Father, Thy joy to find
When for my brother my life I lay
As Thou for me , on Calvary died.
Help me love as Thou wouldst love
And forgive my brethren
Come what may.
For ‘tis in giving Thy joy we’d find
And thy peace, in sweet embrace.
Teach me Father, that I may
Follow thy step and do thy will.
Help me Lord not to seek so much
That my life in vain , I spend
But to look to Thee to lead my way
Till I reach my journey’s end.


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