Haven’t you and I wished
The world looked beyond our flaws ?
Haven’t you and I dreamt
Of a time where we could live without fear?

They said, they’ve known me
Too well, too soon
Yet the sting is there
And the hurt persists

The heart feels heavy, Lord
I can’t take it anymore
I feel myself floating
Draining down the lane

Does it hurt, my friend?
Does you heart ache?
Do you feel wounded?
Does it break you down, my mate?

Beyond the understanding you and I have
There’s a peace He promises
An unfailing love
And an everlasting kindness

Would you trust him, my friend?
Will your heart believe the truth?
Would you let him comfort you
To find your solace in Him?

Be sure of this, my friend
Amidst all of life’s tribulations
He will never leave you
Nor forsake you
And that is a promise for an eternity

Vinisha Vinoy



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