POEM: You denied what I deserve | Pr. Darvin M Wilson

Such full of mercy
The way you love it’s full
You denied what I deserve
And took it all
Denied hell for me
Placed me in heaven
You took the cross I deserve

The harlots are queens now
Blinds see the bliss of your eyes
Perverts made perfect
Crowned us with crowns
Offered blessed thrones
Made us triumph in Christ

Yet we slide off from the place
where you gave us to ace
To sustain and fight
Those that come in might
Cling on to the cross and
Relish victories and stand

Your heart is still kind
Hears our cries of our mind
Restores us each time
Absolve the acts of mine
Spurn the claims that are brought
Because i’m yours that you bought
Denies what I really deserve

Your love it’s immense in reserve
You denied what I deserve

Pr. Darvin Wilson



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