Poem: NATURE DIFFERS | Roshan Benzy George

Behold ye people, to the woods once green,
And stare at its bare and lifeless symptom;
Peep out to the valleys where the brook was seen,
But now there stands leafless trees with rootless bottom.

Behold ye people, to the deserts dark and cold,
And glance at the saguaros rustling their insane cries;
It’s where the beasts howl and the serpents hide,
But it never realizes the vacuum under the endless skies

Behold ye people, to the pastures ye haven’t seen,
And gape at the boundless sceneries filled with charm.
There’s flourishing peace giving no place for thoughts that mean,
And in its heart lies active roses still sweet and warm.

However, besides the endless streams of unconscious deeds lie,
Dormant seeds with undying thirst for drops never found!

Type of poem: Spiritual allegory; Sonnet (14 lines: 3 quatrains [abab] and 1 rhyming couplet)
Rhyme scheme: abab
Poetic devices used: metaphor, repetition

Explanation of lines:
First quatrain
The first quatrain explains about people who were once in Jesus Christ but are backsliding at the present; however, not completely lost.
Second quatrain
The second quatrain explains about wayward and arrogant people who cares for no one.
Third quatrain
The third quatrain explains about people who live their lives according to the will of the Lord.
Last couplet
The couplet is a general truth about people’s mind that, the inner core of every human being is thirsty and they are searching for truth and meaning in life.


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