Poem: Peace | Preethi Thomas

Peace is an Intense desire to be calm
When uncontrolled waves of trials
Toss and tear you apart mercilessly
out of your life boat
You choose to trust the maker of the universe
Who slumbers not and remains serene
until his time comes

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Peace is an utmost wish to be a warrior when you stumble on a narrow rope
Yet reluctant to take your eyes off the balancing pole
And to keep your faith unwavered in your Master
To conquer the fear of falling

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Peace is permitting your soul to be free
And living fully to the rhythm of creation
A river flows around the rock, down the valleys
Yet it reaches to the sea
Singing birds are found in all seasons
So are the flowers which bloom
Never does the sun stop rising
Nor does the moon stop changing phases

Marvellously and wonderfully traced
You are indeed a masterpiece
You are a warrior where your faith wins
No more are you a slave to endless worries
Never pause your journey through rough miles
His grace is what,is sufficient for you
Yes GOD’S GRACE is sufficient for you.

Preethi thomas


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