Article: RAISE YOUR PRAISE | Sharon Rosi Jude

PRAISING THROUGH THE STORM!!!! A very contradicting phrase. Not literally easy to have oneself praise God for the storms that they face in their lives. We often tend to bargain, rebel, argue, murmur when we walk through the darkest valley, and its quiet east to do so. We lose all hope, our faith and our trust in God .

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Like all, even I have faced the darkest turmoil’s in my life and normally like every other being I have also grumbled, murmured, cried and mourned over the situations. I lost all hopes to a point where I decided to quit and I started to question God “WHY?”, “why me all the time?”. I never realized at that point of time that all these trials, struggles and temptations was preparing me to face the best that is yet to come. I was too blind folded with all these, that I had forgotten that all things happen for good for those who love and honor Him. Sooner when I realized my mistakes I started to praise God for all that happened in the past- the trials and tribulations that I faced. Now I can stand up and testify Gods name and glorify Him for the situation I had been through.
We often tend to praise God only when we receive blessings and start to walk astray on having troubles and trials on our way. NOT FAIR!! We learn from the life of Daniel, that when he was thrown into the lions den he started praising God and offered prayers unto Him. Daniel had all the rights to be angry with God to allow him to face this trial, but Daniel didn’t. instead he prayed and God heard his praise and prayers even when he was in despair, and shut the mouths of the lion. Oh! What am amazing God we serve. Not to forget about Paul and Silas when they were thrown into the prison, they too started praising God the whole night. God couldn’t sit quiet up in heaven. He had to listen to their cry. God broke open the gates and walls of the prison.

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Isn’t this enough for us to have our faith and trust, and to have our constant walk with God during our toughest times so as to allow God to work even in those circumstances. Praise Him, Praise Him even when the sun goes down, because He alone is able to turn our mourning into dancing. Start raising your praise even when you face the storms in life.

Sharon Rosi Jude


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