Poem: Edward’s Inwards | Samuel John Alex

The battle’s fierce betwixt the two,
Trumpets resounded, no more truce,
Edward’s inward had succumbed to defeat,
Earnestly desireth he, for victory.

Jesus Christ, my Good Shepherd,
Thy absence will lead me to the land of the dead,
My mind, confessing thy laws are righteous,
But only thou can lead me to life, glorious.

Guide me! Strengthen me! Fight for me!
The very flesh I’m in, betrays thee,
For thou art the savior, and wretched I remain
Until thy mercy has washed me by thy Grace.

One day, my thirst will be filled,
One day, I will rejoice in the gladness of my heart,
One day, I will shout hallelujah over the fallen Babylon,
One day, I shall dine with my Elder brother in Zion.

Redeem me, O My Lord!
Sick & tired of this broken soul
Let thy hand be over this wretched self
But thy hand of Mercy above all else.

Samuel John Alex



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