Poem: DAWN TO DUSK | Rachel Shristi Jacob

To the world out there,
It’s time to share
Probably you don’t care
But by the end it’ll be fair!

Ring, ring, ring goes the alarm ring,
I ask myself what has this new day to bring?
Past week wasn’t as smooth as I could swing
But all I know, I need to still cling.

I wear my smart, ironed uniform
And in the morning sunshine am ready,
I smile at the mirror that loves my this transform
Even though I know things always won’t be steady

Then I walk swiftly with a brisk
Being late is not in my list of risk
To reach my long day destination
The hard work pays off service to my nation

Good morning, good morning I am busy greeting,
All the people I go on meeting.
This is how I start my day
Which who knows has joys, thrills or cries outlay.

Patients are just waking,
And we have new blankets for bed making
Some unable to as their back is aching
And we are never in the condition of forsaking.

I prepare my list of injections
And my tray as sterile as it could be
No chance of giving my patients infection
Because that totally is not the best of me

In a day I play many roles,
To some, I may be like a mother or a sister
Or a friend or a daughter
But I am glad to touch their souls

Then shifting to college and classes
Learning to remove therapeutic impasses
Attending the short-long lectures
To never end up in conjectures

Oh the evening brings along our tutor in rounds
Which sometimes is no less than battle grounds,
Which says,
Must know bed to bed patients in the ward
Then only one day you’ll get a reward

We make ourselves available at all time
As to fulfil your needs and safety is our concern prime
Nothing hinders us not even the clock
From doing wonders, as it goes tik tok

Reaching back to my room
After my day so long
Still like a flower I bloom
And yes this is the best part of my song!

Sharing the happenings with my friend
Brings my beautiful day to an end.
The story of this one day, goes on to multiply
So like an eagle I can soar to heights and fly!

This profession teaches me to keep my headstrong,
Whether things go right or wrong.
Not a moment to be anxious or nervous.
But to render selfless service

Be it in good or worse
I will be there for I am a nurse.

Rachel shristi jacob



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