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Stay Home For A Better Tomorrow
Let your bad days create better tomorrow. – Anonymous
Currently all of us are staying at home due to lockdown with a lot of time to do all that we couldn’t do earlier. I am not talking about testing new dishes or playing new games etc, all that should be done too, but we must not consume much of our time doing these things which do not profit our spiritual man in any way. God has given us this time to edify ourselves that we might be blameless and righteous before our heavenly master. The spreading Corona virus has snatched the lives of many, therefore it should not be taken lightly. We are helping ourselves and others by staying at home. It’s the time to get closer to God, to build our inner man. In Exodus chapter 12 we see the Israelites staying inside their houses while an angel sent from God kills all the firstborn males of the Egyptians. We all are in a similar situation today staying home, obeying the rulers of the kingdom for our own safety. We can utilize our time to strengthen our family bonds – spending time with our dear ones, also we can grow spiritually by increasing the amount of time we spend on meditating the Word and communicating to God. Isaiah 26:20 says ‘Come, my people, enter your chambers, And shut your doors behind you; Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment, Until the indignation is past. So let’s stay at home using the given time wisely and get prepared for the coming of our Lord. Let’s pray for the suffering nations, for the protection of our dear ones in different parts of the world and also for all the doctors and nurses treating Corona patients.
May God Bless You All

Feby Ann John



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