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Throughout history we can see People who were ready to accept the changes and overcome barriers.Examples of such people can be seen in political, social and spiritual world. Their history and contributions are a source of inspiration to the present generation . Bible also talks about such leaders and their struggles and the way they overcame.
One of the prominent characters in the Bible is Nehemiah. There are many lessons we can draw from the life of this man of God. The book of Nehemiah mainly deals with the fulfillment of prophecies God spoke through his servants Daniel and Jeremiah.
In his time the city of Jerusalem was in very pathetic condition . It had lost its walls, and was under constant attack by its enemies.And God raised Nehemiah to restore his people.
Was he successful in his mission ? Yes !!
Let’s take a look at the qualities that made him successful.
If we want to become overcomers we must first come out of our comfort zones.
Though he was in exile ..Nehemiah lived a comfortable life . He had a lucrative job in his hand as the “cup bearer” for the King (Neh. 1: 11).But when he knew the condition of Jerusalem (1:23), he was not willing to remain in that same position. He decided to take the responsibility to restore Jerusalem to its glorious past. When we look at the life of Christ, we can see that he also was ready to leave his comfort zone and come to this earth (Phil. 2:6-8). He accomplished his purpose for which His Father send him within a span of 33 years and went away.
If you want to be an overcomer, you must come out of the comfort zones that we are in .We must be aware of what is happening around us.There are people who are in need of us, In need of someone who can understand their agony and bring them out of it .Someone to lend them a hand to rebuild their ruins .
We cannot do it on our own definitely.. but God can !!..
All that we need to do is bring them to Him.. demonstrate Christ .. His love and His purpose. But we cannot do it unless we are ready to leave our present conditions and become selfless .
We need to analyse our self first .Who we are? .. what is our purpose on this earth The meaning of the name Nehemiah is very important. It means”Yahweh comforts”Throughout this book, God used him as a comfort to His people. In another sense, he lived according to his name. His deeds matched his name.
We all are called by God. According to New Testament context we are disciple of Jesus Christ. Are we living according to our names? If we are Christ’s disciple and our thinking should be same like Christ.
Unless we are thinking like God’s children, we will never able to accomplish the great works that our older brother Jesus said we can do.
The modern technology advances a machine, it called as robots. According to the programs only the robots will work. If it is not working according to the program, it becomes useless.
Same way on who created us, redeemed us, He set a programme in us. If we are not working according to it, our life is no meaning in it.
An Overcomer must be an Investigator
In verse 2 and 3, Nehemiah investigates the condition of Jerusalem. Through his investigation he found out three things.
1) remnant is there
2) the wall of Jerusalem was broken
3) provinces are in great affliction and reproach
Jerusalem was very important place for the people of Israel, because of the God’s temple is situated on that place. The true investigation makes leader more actively. It guides Nehemiah to have burden as well as to work.
In New Testament context, we are called as temple of God, God’s Spirit dwell among us.
Have you ever investigated your life? Did you get any growth better than yesterday?
We all are very eager to compare our life with others. But it is better to compare our todays with yesterday. It helps to examine our broken parts. The true investigation always paved way for an action.
When we analyse our society, and its brokenness in the religious as well as social condition, it must give burden or us. If we get a burden, it became make you an active overcomer in those situations.



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