Article: The God Who Perceives Even Small Things! | Dr. Achsah Sara Babu

Have you heard of the story where a girl did a headstand at a gas station? This is how it goes: she was a pastor’s kid, driving her car back home when she felt that God was telling her to go to a gas station and do a headstand near a pop machine. She ignored the thought, as it was a very random, and of course, a weird thing to do. But the Lord kept pressing the thought. She finally gave in, went to the gas station, parked, and got out. There was only one employee there, to whom she waved as she went near the pop machine, did a headstand, and began to walk out. On the way out, that man stopped her and asked her why she did it. She replied, very simply, “God asked me to”. He stared at her for a while and then told her, “Today, after work, I was planning to kill myself, and so, I turned to God, any God, and said, “If You’re real and want me alive, send a girl to do a headstand by the pop machine””.

That “any God” is our God, who saw that tiniest thought, one that no human on earth ever would have known had that man killed himself that day.

We often talk about the God who dissolves the tumour, who gets us that job when all doors are closed, and many more huge miracles that change our lives drastically. But what about the ones, the tiny ones, the insignificant ones, that leave us speechless, and make us aware of the very fact that no human can reach the depths He’s reached in our lives?

God’s not the only God who sent fire on Mt. Carmel when Elijah prayed. He’s also the God who sent an angel down with food and water when Elijah just wanted to die. He didn’t reprimand Elijah for his lack of faith, He didn’t ask him to buckle up and go face Jezebel. He saw Elijah at his point of weakness and sent him comfort food, cake!

When God told Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”, He meant every word. Not just to Jeremiah, but to us too. He saw every victory and failure, every act of faith and sin, every strength and weakness, the good and bad, all of it. He still decided to create us and call us out for Him. Can we fathom the depth of that love? As the Sunday school rhyme goes, it’s higher, deeper, and wider than we can imagine.

And we often portray this same God as one unapproachable, closed off, like a strict parent. We don’t bring to Him our tiniest worry, our deepest fear, or anything we find trivial. God’s a father waiting to hear the whole story at the end of the day. When Christ found it difficult to fulfil the promise through Him, He poured His heart out to the Father. And what did God do? He didn’t discredit the emotion, He didn’t find Jesus weak. Instead, He sent an angel to strengthen Him.

Maybe God’s plans for us and through us would be daunting. It’ll take every ounce of strength we have to even take that first step. God’s not asking you to put on a brave face, He’s not asking you to practise and practise until you get His plan fulfilled. He’s asking you to come home, to reach unto the throne of grace, and ask for help that’s available at all times.
A personal experience would be this: I woke up one day thinking about my future, my education, and many more. It was a trail of intrusive thoughts on going with just worry and doubts. Out of nowhere, I started singing an old Christian Malayalam song, “Maname chanjalam enthinaa”, transliterated in English to mean, “My soul, don’t be so wavered”. I sang one whole stanza, not even knowing it. Two minutes later, I realised, I’m singing a song, not just any song, but a song, with lyrics so apt to my situation, it felt like God speaking right to my heart. And it was at that moment I knew He’s my God of even small things. He’s the God I can go to, who’ll wrap me up in a song, in a verse, maybe with a piece of cake, but with the smallest of actions and words, He’ll let me know that He’s always there.



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