POEM: Abba Father | Pr .Darvin M Wilson

I’m a father,
I have a father,
But of the either,
The best, oh neither.
Can’t compare to your love,
That’s all what we owe.

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You thought of me,
Even when I was not me.
You loved the world,
And gave your Son
When I love the world.
And go back to the world,
You wait for us,
And still care for us.

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Though my flout wounds,
Your heart for me still pounds.
Who else can bother
Other than this divine Father.
My love may not be perfect,
But I know how it reflect,
As now I feel how you feel.
Your love to us,
Like we love ours.
And more than I can content,
You want to have moments
With us but we never honour.
But in need we still bother,
Your anger endureth but a moment
But favour is life without end.

I have a prayer,
My dear father,
Open my heart,
That I be like your heart.

Pr .Darvin M Wilson


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