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Genesis 6:14 Make yourself an ark of gopherwood; make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and outside with pitch. When the world that God created was corrupted with sin and evil, there was a man named Noah, who found grace in the eyes of the Lord (Gen.6:8). His CV stated that he was a just man, perfect in his generations, skilled farmer and had a great family. Most importantly he had a consistent behavior of walking with God. One day, as he was on a morning walk with the Creator of the universe, and enjoying His presence, the Lord shared His grief and felt sorry for He had made man on the earth(vs.6). He was much worried to see the plight of His beautiful creation. He wanted to destroy everything that He made-man, beast, creeping thing, and birds of the air because of its wickedness. Noah asked with surprise “Everything Lord?”. Yes, He replied. God was so determined that He would send floodwaters on the earth to leave behind nothing that breathes except Noah, his sons, his wife, his sons’ wives, and a couple (male and female) of all animal breeds. While Noah was still wondering about God’s plan of destruction and how He would save some animals and his family, God handed over to him the blueprint of the ever largest multi-storey deluxe houseboat that could keep alive everything God wanted during the flood.
Noah was good at planting a garden or vineyard. He was not experienced in architecture. But the Lord equipped him with the required skills, not only him, his entire family including women. And Noah did according to all that God commanded him(vs.22). What an obedience he had! Without knowing what was rain or flood, he kept fixing the wooden planks, tightened the screws, trusting and waiting on the Lord. Along with the tedious work of building the ark, he preached to all who came to mock him, during his lunch breaks, after work to the streets, to houses, to different villages and cities, months after months, for 120 years without a man being saved. No complaints, no regrets, obeying God’s voice without doubt but definitely with a sincere heart!

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Think of Noah making the ark without covering it with pitch. If he had missed the smaller yet important detail of what God commanded him to do in and out of the ark. How would that be? Remember Noah and his family got saved because the ark was sealed by this waterproof material. He obeyed the Lord in every step of the construction without neglecting anything. Hence when the ark was in the water, the tight pitch prevented water to enter and preserved their lives. Similarly, when we are in this world, what if worldly thoughts/desires/actions hold onto our life? Are we thinking, obeying God in small matters is not important? Then wont we stumble and fall at the end? Can we fulfill our Master’s purpose with such a life? Will we be able to save ourselves and others?
We cannot do this by our own strength to resist evil or these worldly waters. With the power of the Holy
Spirit covering us inside out, which makes us more than conquerors to overcome the temptations, bitterness, guilt, pride, addictions, and any sort of carnal behavior. God has promised that He would be our helper. He will instruct and guide us. We are sealed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit influence and counsel us every day as we walk with the Lord like Noah to take up greater responsibilities and to proclaim His good news.

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