I once heard someone say, “You don’t have to feed the five thousand. You just have to bring your loaves and fish.” Just as Jesus took one person’s meal and multiplied it far beyond anyone’s expectations or imagination, He will accept our surrendered efforts, talents, and service. He just wants us to be willing to bring what we have to Him. Have you been holding back something from God? Why is it difficult to bring that area of your life to Him? Jesus blesses and multiplies even our weakest efforts. Jesus is not asking us to perform a miracle in our own strength, He is simply asking us to have faith in Him and believe that He is who He claims to be. A few fish and loaves of bread are clearly not enough to feed thousands upon thousands of people, yet we realize what happens when our weak offering is met with the blessing of the Almighty God. We enter into an abundant feast! Choose to believe today that even your weakest yet sincere efforts will be met, sustained, and multiplied by His grace! Bring what you have- simple as it may be and offer to the Lord, trusting that He will receive it and multiply it in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

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Never measure or evaluate a difficulty in the light of your own resources instead believe that whatever you transfer to God will be transformed by Him. When we look at the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand we see two men Philip and Andrew. When we look at them carefully, we can understand the attitude of Philip and the approach of Andrew. We can understand one thing that is the different viewpoints of both. One is looking at the impossibility and the other is looking at the possibility. The response of Phillip and Andrew is typical of how many of us would have responded. For Phillip, it was about figures, calculations, and resources. Philip did not realize the one who was asking him the question was the one who can make all things possible, the one who can change nothing into something. Phillip was so sure of what could not be done so he lost sight of what could be done; in other words he had no vision of what could be done. Life is much more than numbers, it is all about trusting God and not your own resources for provisions. But Andrew realized that it is all about transferring what you have to God for transforming it for the benefit of others. Jesus intentionally used a young boy and small amount of food to authenticate His miracle. We don’t have to be a big shot or a millionaire for God to use us. It is all about our availability not our ability! God is big even if our resources are not! What the boy had transferred to Jesus had further been transformed by Jesus.
Though Andrew contributes very little to the feeding of the five thousand but he believed in the possibility. Aware of the enormity of the need he looked around for an answer anyway. In fact, what he brings to Jesus, he gets from a small boy. He is only a middle man. Andrew brings to Jesus much less than what is needed. But from the story we understand that it can be significantly multiplied in the hands of Jesus. We can be like Philip and throw our hands up in despair or we can also be like Andrew and do something, even if it is a small thing. Be an Andrew, it is how the kingdom of God works here on earth! Faith not only takes God at His word but also trusts God for the impossible. Impossible??? No, through HIM EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.




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