The Oral Bible Translation (OBT) programme by Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) ministry is creating dramatic changes in the field of Bible translation. OBT aims to reach an estimated 900 oral language groups, who have waited for thousands of years to receive the Scriptures; these oral languages don’t or partially have a written Bible. OBT overcomes the obstacles of traditional translation methods by collaborating with a team of mother tongue translators who are trained to work among their own people to accurately render God’s word in digital format which is comprehensible to the natives and can be used within weeks. For this, they developed ‘Render’ software to guide the native translators in their translation works. Render is a user-friendly software with icons, description and guidelines on each step that should be covered by a translator. A native translator can also talk with a translation advisor and get his doubts clarified. Then he has to record his speech in his language after hearing one or two other languages which he understands. This recorded speech is sent to other translators and if they approve the recording, it goes to the translation advisor. If it is not approved by group consensus, this process is repeated till the approval. As soon as Scripture is recorded and approved, whether a few verses or a whole book, it becomes available to the community of listeners.
The OBT started as an urgent desire to perceive the final people groups receive the Gospel in their heart languages and it continues to grow. The project by OBT has huge demand because the methodology used has been embraced by the translation community worldwide. According to FCBH, “God is graciously preparing the hearts of oral people worldwide to hear His truth and come to Him. They will be counted among those standing before Christ’s throne on the last day, just as He promised.” Now FCBH, who is a leading producer of audio Bibles, stands out providing free Bible recordings to communities around the world and equipping local believers to host Audio Bible listening programs. By 2033, they aim to record and freely give Scripture in every tongue, working to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission in this generation.

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It is supposed that 70% of the world’s population live in oral cultures where the medium of communication is mainly through speech even when they have a written text. This indirectly means that people will understand and engage with the word of God in a better way, if they are provided with audio translations.

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Source & Image Credits : Faith Comes by Hearing (FCBH)


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