There is a story that you may have heard many times about a mother and her four sons. One day the mother took a loaf of bread and called the four boys to her side. She broke it into four pieces and handed one piece to each son. She asked them to eat it, but with a condition. It was that nobody should see them eating their pieces. Upon hearing this, all four of them ran to different places. The oldest of them all climbed up on a tree outside the house thinking that no one would notice him high up there. The second son deduced that a storeroom would be a wise choice because it is dark inside. The third son hid under a bed to eat his piece. However, the youngest son couldn’t find a place and was frantically searching for a place. He went searching all around the house, yet he couldn’t find a room to eat his bread. After a couple of hours, the mother called all four sons and asked if they had eaten the bread. The first three came back empty-handed having eaten their pieces of bread, except for the youngest who still had his piece in his hand. The others mocked him asking “Didn’t you find any place to hide?”. The young boy was in tears when he hugged his mother to tell that he couldn’t find a place where he could eat the bread without anyone noticing. When the mother asked him why, his answer was astonishing. He said, “I have heard many times that we cannot hide anything from God. Wherever we go, His eyes follow us and nothing is veiled before His eyes”. The boy went on to ask, “So where could I go? Wherever I go, Jesus will find me”. The mother was overjoyed as she realized her child’s understanding.
Dear readers, we live in a world of privacy and it is one that has extreme security measures in place. But there is an almighty God to whom nothing is private. He is the Master, Begetter and Finisher of everything. Up in the heavens He is there, down in the depths too He is there. For good or bad, great or small, Our Savior is there to guide and lead us. Even in the darkness, He will come down as light. Remember the Lord in everything as He is watching over you not to harm you, rather to keep you safe and lead you to eternity. Give yourself unto His hands, so that He can take you wherever he may take. Realize that you can flee nowhere from His presence! Where can you go?



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