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Article: How to trust in God when you lose everything? | Jacob Varghese

I remember hearing the testimony of a woman saying God has allowed everything to be taken away from me. I only have my hand, in which I hold the truth in, and my kids. Everything else my job, my husband and my home is gone. I lost everything. But in all the pain and all the loss and brokenness this woman didn’t give up on life, who says even when everything is taken away from me, I still stand. I have my God and I believe He will give me everything back. She says God gives and He takes away for His own purposes. I do not fear. I need you to know this story, loved ones, because I promise you, if you live on Earth and you are a true believer, you will endure hard times as well. You may face times in your life where God indeed takes away everything for a season and for a reason, but hold fast to what you know is true. Hold fast to God. Because although everything looks like you have lost, it looks like you are defeated, but you are not! Stand firm in your trial. Do not lose hope. Because no matter how the situation looks my dear friends, God is still God. He is still on the throne and there is nothing anybody can do to stop that! If God allows you to lose everything; if life or sickness or death takes from you and your family everything. While you are lamenting over what is lost, God always uses what is left to bless you.
It is easy to trust in God when everything goes well. We may start thinking of God as a cosmic vending machine. Prayer in and blessings out. But what about when you see tragedy coming and you are helpless to stop it–whether it be an accident, poor life choices, or other circumstances? What about when God asks you to start over after you lose everything precious to you? Do you still trust in God or does your trust fade away because you feel he has failed you? Let me tell you about some lessons I have learned as I have been challenged by many of the incidences in my life. I look to stories like Job, where he lost everything or Joseph, when he was falsely accused and went to prison for something he did not do. God is saying I am telling you that I am going to use what is left in my purpose for you, your family, your life and your future. If you hold on to your faith, everything will still come to pass as God has planned it. I am the Lord of what is left. I know there is a stump left. I had something, I lost something but God uses what I have got left. God will never take from you without leaving with you something. God will never allow the enemy to take from you without leaving something for you. God will always bless His children not by what they have lost, but by what they have left with. Anytime He comes into your life, God is about to use what is left. Any time there is a window open and the enemy has stolen from your life and you are staying there and saying what happened? Where did it go? Why did it happen? It is God saying to you I am going to use what you have left with you. You can’t lose anything or anybody that God feels you need for fulfilling His purpose in your future. If they had been lost, it is God letting you know- I am the Lord over what is left, and I will bless you greatly and mightily with what is left. Trust me, believe me, hold on to me that is what God is saying. Stop lamenting over what you have lost, He is going to use what is left with you. Every time the devil wants to destroy you, your God makes a hedge around you. It is what you have left with, that is going to frustrate the devil’s plan. Do you have anything left with you? Do you have any praise left? Any faith left? Any joy left? Any promise left? Any dream left? Any hope left? It is what you are left with. There is still a stump. Yes, after a tree has been cut and felled, the stump is usually a small remaining portion of the trunk with the roots still in the ground. Once a tree is cut down, its roots stop growing in a few weeks and then die; the stump eventually will rot away. But stumps are sometimes able to regenerate into new trees. Our God is saying even if what you have left is a stump and if you trust God, He can regenerate and bless you from what is left. The loss was painful but what is left is powerful. Have you ever felt like heaven was doing everything to mess your theology and your belief in God? Job says in chapter 13:15 “though He slain me, yet will I trust Him.” In other words, nothing can shake my confidence in God. Though it looks like God is slaying me and wiping me out, it does not shake my confidence in the fact that God is too good to forsake me. He is too faithful to leave me. He is too precious to abandon me. And when all this said and done now, He will come forth as pure gold because He is God of what I am left with. Job, your confidence and your faith, you have lost it all. But what you have left with you is going to restore double of everything that you lost. Job 42:10 says “the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.” Don’t worry about what you have lost, God is going to use that you have got left. This is what the Lord is saying, the truth is Samson was one of the great spiritual giants of the Bible. Yet, sad to say, he fell into sin. He lost his hair and his power. Samson lost his anointing, he lost his reputation, he lost his influence, he lost his position, he lost his power, he lost his freedom, he lost his vision, he lost everything, he lost it all. But God said the miracle is not in what you lost; the miracle is in what you have got left. Then Samson prayed to the LORD, ‘Sovereign LORD, remember me again. O God, please strengthen me one more time so that I may pay back the Philistines for the loss of my eyes.” And the Bible says his hair began to grow back. You know where God begins the miracle. Restoration begins in your head, when you fill it with the promises and say God you are still God of what I have got left and I refuse to crawl in a hole or disappear from the situation any more. I believe God will bring His goodness in the land of the living. He is Lord over what you have got left.

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In Exodus 9:8 we see “Then the LORD said to Moses and Aaron, ‘Take handfuls of ashes from a furnace and have Moses toss it into the air in the presence of Pharaoh.” Ashes are what you have left when you have been through fire, when you have been through trial and all of it has been burned up and this is all you have got left. Throw it Godward. And when He took the handfuls of ashes and he threw them up. The Bible says God turned it and when the ashes came down two handful of ashes covered all of Egypt and afflicted the Egyptians Army with boils all over their body. God said I will use what you have got left and the ashes of the fiery trial you have been through. If all you want to do is talk about what you have lost, the prophetic gift will not work but if you take what you have got left and get it under the prophetic gift of the prophet Elisha, then what you have left is enough to produce all that you need for your future. Have you got anything left? Whatever you have left with is enough. This is what God wants you to give Him this time. Give me what you have left with that is what God is telling you now. You have been through grief, you have been through losing your dear one, a husband, a wife, or child. God is saying to you I am God of what is left with. You may be saying to yourself -I have made mistake in my life and I wish that I would have made wiser choices and I just messed up so bad and I can’t get over my past. God is asking you my dear what have you got left with? If you will speak the word of God to your situations any way, even if you don’t have faith yet, even if you don’t feel real passion about it yet. Sometimes all you have left with is obedience. Yes, all I am doing is what God told me to do. That is all I have got left. God is telling you that He is not just a God of what you have and He is not just a God of what you have lost. Quit giving the devil glory for everything you have lost. But our God is a God of what you have got left. And if he took it, He will fulfil His purpose in your life. You keep talking about what you have lost. But God keep seeing what you have got left with. And He says my plans for you is your latter will be greater than your former. You don’t know what that little you have got left is going to do for you. You don’t know that dream, that faith, that praise, that refuses, the persistent and will not give up that vision in what you have got left. He is God of it. Trust Him, believe Him, refuse to allow depression, worrying and frustration to overcome you. Instead just begin to fill that valley in your life with praise, thanksgiving and joy unto God. And say God, I praise you today that you are God, because the stump is still there. He is the Lord of what is left in our lives. Give to Him what is left in your life. Give it to Him today, give it to Him now, don’t waste another day. Give it to Him today. Give Him what is left of that home, give Him what is left of that marriage, give Him what is left of that dream, give Him what is left of your physical health. The Miracle is in what is left with.
Hold on to your faith when you have nothing else to hold on to. If you let him, God can work it out. If you want to walk on water, you must get out of the boat. When you have nothing left but God, you have more than enough to start over. When we tell you to “give it to God”, what we are really saying is “go get to know your God, experience His love, receive His grace, and allow His spirit to empower you. Then bring your troubles and lay them at His feet, knowing He is big enough, trustworthy enough, and powerful enough to carry your burdens. If you still think I have nothing left to live for and want to die. What should I do? When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

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Judges 16:22 Samson was made to ground at the mill in prison. He had lost everything, his strength, family, confidence, and sight. Samson was a shadow of his former self. Yet, verse 22 sneaks in something for us that hints that this story is not over, “the hair of his head begin to grow again after it had been shaved”. Samson’s afflictions were the means of bringing him to deep repentance. By the loss of his bodily sight the eyes of his understanding were opened; and by depriving him of bodily strength, the Lord was pleased to renew his spiritual strength. The Lord permits some of you to wander wide and sink deep, yet He recovers them at last, and marking His displeasure at sin in their severe temporal sufferings, preserves them from sinking into the pit of destruction. True Christians will thereby be rendered more humble, watchful, careful and dependent on the Lord, more fervent in prayer to be kept from falling, and in praise for being preserved; and, if they fall, they will be kept from sinking into despair. The reason God takes anything away from us is because He is going to replace it with something better. When we devote our hearts to God and ask for his protection over our lives, He will hold up our life and He never takes away things to hurt us.



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