Article: Top Secret | Shibu Abraham

God is not a physical person like us.
God is Spirit and one who we cannot see.
Our human nature is that we regard ourselves as intelligent being who only believes what we see.
But Sometimes we invest on a project based on beautiful pictures and words, we operate in faith that all will go well.

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But we lack to put in even that much faith and time to understand the word of God which is a manual for our Life in earth.

But our intelligence is of no use when we die or if we are in a coma.

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We then cannot hold on to anything physical anymore

We need something in the Spirit realm.

One reason for our unbelief in God is due to the bad experience of people who we have seen in our life, the ones who misused and misrepresented God.

And you don’t want to be a hypocrite who follow a pattern and don’t practice.
And you feel no use to even try.

You should not allow other people’s experience and approach stop you from discovering an opportunity which gives you an awesome Life today and forever.

The most dangerous thing in us is our pride , when we think that we are self
Sufficient and don’t need God.

This will take our life focusing on our body and it’s needs we don’t think of a Spirit within us which is a part of God waiting for supernatural manifestation.

We are a three part being a Body then a soul which is consisting of mind will and emotions and finally the real us who is the Spirit.

We are in this body for a Time with a purpose from our creator which is to manifest glory , and for that we will be anointed with talents and gifts.

Do we use our gifts and talents for God our creator or just for us and the ones around us.

Some realize this truth at a younger age some when things go wrong, each person has their own journey.

We are given a free will from God which is the difference we have from all creation.

We are created in the image and likeness of God

So we have the capacity to co create with God

So a partnership with God is what makes us prosper our inner man, and all provisions we need will follow us.

When things go wrong we blame God
When things were good did we praise God

Yes it is an imperfect and unfair World which is the reason we need God

God is not found in religion God is found
In relationship we seek God through the Word of God and look at the life of prophets kings and many others to know more and get to the Truth which sets us Free.

There are always mysteries in our life which we don’t understand, and this keeps us to be away from God.
But this can be a good reason to come closer to God.

May you be filled with Gods presence
Where you enjoy discovering God and be blessed so that you can be a blessing to millions.
You will walk in wisdom every word coming out of you will create hope in others and you will take the right decisions and live a life of freedom.

Today is an opportunity for all of us to just focus on building our foundation Take your time to do it beautiful … if you have time your own house and food to eat wow you are in luxury … Times are going to change you need to prepare yourself

You are so much worthy of knowing the Truth you are so valuable you are not to be destroyed and killed by This world and it’s ways. Your purpose is far above all the pleasures of this world.

So be your real self as all creation is waiting for your manifestation to enjoy freedom.

Shibu Abraham


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