Article: Suicide is not an Option | Nidhi Jason

Life is a beautiful gift from God. But sometimes when we are tossed and chased by the difficult and challenging circumstances we easily tend to give up on life. We choose to accuse, grumble and complain about who we are and where we are, thinking as if this time will never pass away. We start assuming- “I wish this had not have happened then the things would have been better”. I wish so & so had not walked out of my life then the life would have been smoother.
Therefore, being preoccupied by the wishes, desires, plans and people we lose our sight of seeing the beautiful gift of life. We forget to count on the blessings we have in store, the new opportunities coming up, the joyful people heading towards our life, we often ignore deliberately or when we don’t see anything changing or what’s coming next to this chapter without turning to the next page we get prompted to end the story here.
Satan very shrewdly show us suicide as an easy escape rather than living a life full of sorrows.
We assume the climax is death alone. It is the only solution to get rid off the situation. One should not forget that death is a result of sin. As the Scripture says “the wages of sin is death” (Rom. 6:23). Death is the punishment.
Sadly, we start desiring for the punishment, which was brought by Satan into this world. God’s desire and plan for us is to live long life, to enjoy this gift of life and serve Him.
By leading the ignorant world which is getting ruin into darkness towards the ever-lasting light. Whereas Satan wants to cease us from impacting many lives by being God’s agent. He wants to snatch our spiritual rewards which are kept in heaven for us.

As in Gen. chapter 6; because of the wickedness of the world God destroyed the world. Suicidal tendencies shows us how weak we are (Pro. 24:10) “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small”. But God has called us to be victorious.

Today, again it is the time to make a decision that will change your life forever. Choice is yours, whether you choose life (which is the plan of our God Almighty) or the death (a snare of Satan – who comes to steal Jn.10:10).
If we are ready to change our perspective towards life then only we will be able to fight against this suicidal provoking thoughts.

As certain is the sunrise after sunset, we will also see hope amidst despair. Because our future is secure in the hands of our Lord Jesus. Currently, we can see all across the world the situation of helplessness, despair, fear and discouragement is overwhelming which may seem as never ending darkest night for which there is no hope but behold there is a hope in Christ Jesus.
If only we repent and believe in Him.
“When things are tough you must be toughest”

Nidhi Jason



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