English Article: The Hour of Divine Strategies for His Warriors | Pr. Abhilash Noble

THIS IS A STRATEGIC TIME for those in the body of Christ. God is building you up and navigating you to victory. The Lord is attentive to your prayers, and He is addressing your needs, your requests, and breathing into your success. His hand, guidance, redirection and presence, will be beautifully evident at this time.

As many churches, ministries, groups and individuals all over the world are crying out to the Lord for clarity, intervention, and assistance, those requests will be honored. Now pay close attention… this is about to get HIGHLY PERSONAL!

I prophesy many of you will find yourself suddenly “knowing” highly strategic and helpful information! You’ll find yourself suddenly “knowing” what’s really going on, the underlying truth, and how to navigate yourself to VICTORY! You will see blueprints mapped out clearly in your mind! For the Lord is releasing SECRET INFORMATION AND BLUEPRINTS FOR VICTORY. Receive it in Jesus’ name!

God is a man of war. He doesn’t lose battles and He doesn’t play small. READ THAT AGAIN! When the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against him and brings forth imminent victory! Hallelujah to Jesus! God plays to win, He fights to win, and as His child, you need to get used to WINNING! Receive that in Jesus’ name!

The Lord has a history of strategically aiding His servants to get uncommon yet highly supernatural victories. Jehoshaphat with the Moabites, the Ammonites, and the children of Seir. The Israelites with the Egyptians. Gideon. David. GOD BRINGS US TO UNCOMMON VICTORY in the midst of highly unlikely circumstances!

In this hour, the secrets and blueprints are being released. LISTEN, THEN ACT! If you will trust and act on what God tells or shows you, you’re going to get the massive results you prayed for. RECEIVE IT IN JESUS’ NAME. Glory to God!

For reading: Psalm 108:13 | Jeremiah 33:3



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