Story: “The Value of a Key” |Shinu K Joy, Doha

This was a few years ago. In a high city, three friends lived together. They were all born and grown up in the same place, attended the same school, and eventually educated. After their studies, they got job in the same lofty establishment. Their close-friendship relationship was jealous by many. Wherever they go, they go together. These three friends had getting very high salary and they were living in a large flat in the city. They were staying at the top 60th floor of the flat so that they could get a full view of the city where they live.
They experienced all the joys of life. They achieved whatever they had in mind.

One day, one of them said, “Let us take one day off from office and go somewhere. We should enjoy the maximum on that day.” All the three were happy in this decision. So, they took one day leave in the office and the three of them set out early in the morning to wander around the city. It started in the morning and continued till mid-night. They saw different places, ate many different foods, watched movies, did some shopping, spent some time on the beach, and enjoyed in pubs and bars. After all the enjoyment and all the happiness, they came home very late at mid-night.

They thought ‘anyhow go to sleep after a bath.’ But the news that they heard was very disappointing. When they reach their flat, they knew the truth. Due to a defect in electricity transformer, there was no electricity in their flat and the lift was not moving. They were in totally worry and also upset because they could not rest the whole day and they become very fatigue and sweat. Seriously disappointing. How to reach the 60th floor? They sat there for a while, and think what to do.

So, while they were worried, one of the three said: “If we sit like this, we stay here until the electricity comes on. Anyhow we have to get in our room. Let me tell you an idea. If we do accordingly, we can easily cross the 60 levels. We all have different skills. If we use it, we can reach our room easily.” He continued, “As all you know, I can sing well. So, I can sing until we cross the first twenty floors. By listening and enjoying to my song, we can easily reach the first twentieth floor. The second one told: “I could tell some good stories. By listening and concentrate to my stories, we can complete the next twenty floors.” And the third one said: “I know many jokes. I’ll make you laugh better. By listening to my jokes, we can complete the last twentieth floor.” Thus, the three agreed.

So they began to slowly climb the stairs of that huge building. The first friend started singing beautiful songs. What a sweet song! By listening his songs, they didn’t even know how they reach the first twentieth floor. His friends praised him well. ‘You sung very well.’ The first twenty floors have been crossed! After that, a second friend started telling stories. He knew lots of short stories. By listening and concentrate on his stories, no one feel any tiredness of crossing the next twentieth floor. Thus, they have crossed forty floors.

Now, next is the chance of third friend. The third began to tell jokes. He told them many good and bad jokes. Everyone laughed a lot. They all enjoyed the most by hearing the jokes of this third friend. They laughed alot. Finally they reach the 59th floor. What a relief! Then the third friend said, “Now I will tell you one more joke. But you all will cry when you hear it. But how do I say that?” At the insistence of other friends, he finally revealed.

At that time, they had reached in front of their room. The third said: “Dear, I forgot the room’s key in our car. I’m sorry. We can’t get into the room.” By hearing this, the three sat down on the floor by very disappointed.

In Matthew 16:26, Jesus says, “If a man gains the whole world and forfeits his life, what will it profit him? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” All three of them lived their lives well. They have enjoyed all the pleasures of the world. They don’t care about anything. But finally, when they come to rest by tiredness, they could not enter their home. They gave up the key which they had to keep the most. As a result, they lost access to their home.

Friends, maybe we are living our lives better. But it should not cause the destruction of our soul. Even though the whole world is with us, the price of our soul is more precious than this world. In this story, the soul is portrayed as a key. Sometimes we feel the cost of our soul is small, but the purity of the soul is necessary to enter the great house of eternity. If anyone reading this has lost eternity, Jesus is calling you. Dear friend, Jesus loves you. Jesus gives you salvation freely. Jesus went to the cross of Calvary to save the mankind. There is redemption from sin through the blood of Jesus Christ. Open the gate of your heart for Jesus. The glory of God can be seen in you. God bless you.



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