Testimony: Miracle of God

Jaimon Jose (Navi Mumbai)

Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ!
We our blessed by Him who has created us, none other then Jesus Christ. I am going to share you all about my small testimony which will make ur faith more strong in this life, as to introduce my self I am JAIMON native from Thiruvalla born and brought up in Mumbai.

As in my childhood I should fall unconscious when I get a stomach pain but my parents didn’t know what was the diseases, as consulted to a doctor in Mumbai after many years took MRI scan, doctor came to know that I have a nerve problem and gave a tablet name Eptoin to eat for 3 years, I started eating that tablet continously 3 times a day, as I passed my 10th and as discussed ,my parents plan to send me to Kerala for a diploma course year 2000, as I was continuing my course, some times I had to go for vacation to my house in thiruvalla from Thalayolaparambu 35 Km, I missed to have my tablets many times, many off days I should play crickets near to my hostel, while playing I should feel blindness in my eyes and I can’t play I should feel that I am going to fall. And one day as I got a stomach pain I went in to the wash room and I felt down I hit my head, lips, both toes and many wounds in my body, As my moms request I had to travel back to Mumbai and again visited the same doctor,as doctors suggestion my tablets which i was having became high and less effect of doses ,because of missing to eat it while I go for vacation to my house. Doctor suggested to stopped the Eption tablet and asked to take a higher dose tablet named Valparin,i was back to Kerala and continued my studies and completed my diploma course, after that I came back to Mumbai and joined a company for experience morning from job and evening I started for my higher studies.

As after 1 year I attended an interview and got a job offer for Saudi Arabia,within 15 days my visa and ticket arrived. while going I buyed 25 slips of valparin tablet which I was having,as you all know that we cannot travel with this much medicine in flight at thoes days that year 2004.i rolled all that tablets inside my jeans pants and took it. As God’s grace my bag was not been checked by the customs. As I reached Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, we had a congregation there and after 3 months a visiting pastor came there His name was Pastor cherian an Appachan pastor . As one Friday worship was going on and the whole room was filled with Holy Spirit, I too was filled with Holy Spirit as Pastor Appachan came near me and kept his hand on my head and prayed and said to me in Holy Spirit, that son you have a disease and that disease God will cure you when u submit to Jesus Christ, soon I was filled with Holy Spirit and I submitted to our Lord. That evening when I came back to my camp where I stay with my friend and brother named Sam Mathew, I took all the 20 slips of my tablets and threw it in the dust bin. From that day till now it’s almost 14 years that disease didn’t troubled me. It was Jesus Christ blood which washed away my disease and my sin. I am a blessed one in Christ.

I like to tell you all brothers and sisters, that be strong in faith and believe in Jesus, He is the only one who can save ur sins and can wash all ur diseases with his powerful blood. God bless you all.



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