English Article:O Labourers… Arise From Sleep | Keziyamol Aju,Tamil Nadu

India is a secular country. Our nation has many religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam,  Jainism, Buddhism and so on. Different kind of people live together. Even though our nation is secular,  christians here are facing struggles. Persecution is rising as the good news spreads.  But at the same time where there is no persecution, the servants of God are lazy to share thr Gospel.
We have become lazy to go out. Today christian ministers have no time apart from being engaged in church matters. Conducting church programmes, meetings  and fasting prayers have become  their schedule. Nobody is bothered to look what is happening in the society. Compassion for the poor is not found anywhere among us. The people who went astray from God’s path have been side lined.  The only excuse thta we have to give is that we have no time. Yes it is true that we don’t have time because much of  our time is consumed in unnecessary things.  There is no prayer. Everything that we need these days is there on our finger tips, remote control, mobile and all things have made available for us. And we have become to lazy. Life is self-centred. Laziness has clouded our desire to share the Gospel. Prayer, faith and action is required to change the nation.
There is a proverb “time is precious  than gold “.Since our time is too short, we have to arise from unwillingness and laziness and share the Gospel to all people and evangelize  our nation.
Our nation is a developing one but there are many places where people are affected with poverty. Casteism and much more. Many of us pray for our country  but we barely act. Everyone likes a comfortable and luxurious  life in cities but nobody  is ready to go to the harsh conditions of the villages. There are thousands of rural areas in India where there is no christian minister to guide and take care of them. Places like Bihar, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand etc where Gospel  is yet to reach.
Let us get rid of self-centeredness and laziness and get ready to evangelize our sleep.
let ys react to the voice of the Lord as heard in the book of Isaiah – Whom shall I send… And who will go for us?
So arise and shine for the light has come upon you…..



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