English Article:Nature’s fury, Whom to blame ? | Pastor Stanley E S, Navi Mumbai

It seems the nature is not willing to relent rather wants to vent it’s fury upon the common man again. It would have been good if it takes a U-TURN, but how or when?. These things I was pondering these days,. I hope you thought of it too.
Let me take another dimension to make it clear.We are so much related to the nature as a baby is related to its mother in the Womb through it’s umbilical cord. Whatever violations happens within our inner being will bring a proportional effect upon the nature, I believe. Because the chemical elements with which the mother earth is made up , is the same elements we find within our body.
But our inner being ,the eternal part within us ,which is the spirit and soul (the image of our Maker)determines the actions (karmas ) of our body, ..I perceive.
Therefore our “KARMA” is an important factor we must ponder at present ,because it brings an effect in our Nature ,whether it is good or bad …..I believe. But my question is ,Who or with What measure we will check whether the SOURCE of our KARMA is right or wrong and if it’s not right Who will correct it?.. We ourselves ?

The eternal portion within us , is the “Source” of all our KARMA and it contains no elements found in the Earth, as it’s in the image of its maker. My question is, From the very source haven’t we violated all the limits our Maker has set for us?.. I sense that we did,. I see those violations spread everywhere around us , may it be in the spiritual institutions, the social, the educational institutions, the political system, the entertainment industry, and certainly our homes and private lives too. …I see the violations everywhere.

Our Imaginations are painted with “greed for the good things of this life” ,Emotions and Choices are controlled by lust, Conscience is either corrupted or dead, Will is filled with stubbornness and rebellion ,Minds are darkened due to vague reasonings , Attitude is filled with Pride…we see it everywhere…Can you see it? I can..and It’s really contagious..

Out in the virtual medias and in the private closets people trying to put it’s “blame” either on religion or religious leaders, politics or it’s leaders or anyone whom they think fit to put the blame on. Through it all, we have learnt the art of “Escapism” from the real issues instead of looking genuinely into the “Truth” to find the solution. Isn’t it ?

It is written “to Will” is present within us, but “how-to perform what is good”, the real KARMA which pleases our Maker, I do not find . Here,I am getting a heartcry within, Oh what a wretched man that I am!. Who will deliver from the body of death?. Are you getting this cry echoing or aching in your soul ?

I thank God, through his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, by “believing in Him” our inner being finds transformtion and renewal, certainly our KARMA will be cleansed, and the Nature will respond well. I believe He is the only One whom the maker sent for our good. I believe it undoubtedly, do you ?



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